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NOTE: 4RV Publishing is adding imprints during the next few months: 4RV Children's Corner; 4RV Tweens & Teens; 4RV Young Adult; 4RV New Adult; 4RV Fiction; 4RV Nonfiction; 4RV Biblical Based. If you are submitting, please include which imprint would be the best fit for your manuscript.
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NOTE: Submissions are closed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE --  except for current 4RV authors and for special invitations. No new submissions, except for those exceptions, are to be sent.
4RV Vacation Times

July 1 - August 1 closed

open for emergencies: Aug. 1 - Sept. 1
November 22 - November 29 closed
December 20 - January 4 closed
open for emergencies: Nov 29 - Dec. 19


     During closed dates, new submissions will not be evaluated but can be sent.
     4RV honors vacation times so that staff can finish projects for promotions and have family time as needed.