Kelly Christiansen
     Kelly Christiansen has 30 years professional photography experience, six years professional publishing, editing, layout experience, 17 years website administration, and six years professional book cover design experience.

     She has worked as an AIX systems administrator.

     She has been a troubleshooter for technical problems for 4RV Publishing for over four years, and she writes under the pseudonym Caelaach McKinna.

Art and Covers Portfolio:

Photography Portfolio:
  Tracey M. Cox
     Tracey M. Cox lives in South Georgia with her husband and three children. She has been writing professionally since 2000. Her journey as a writer began once upon a time… in a faraway land where there was magic, magic in listening to stories and in telling them.
     Tracey knew about this magic because her grandfather had shared his own story magic with her when she was a little girl. When she was older, she spun her own tales for her children. One night, her oldest son caught that magic, and did a magical thing of his own.

     “Mom,” he said. “THAT would make a great book.” With that one statement the magic exploded.

     Since that long ago night, Tracey has been published in several online and printed magazines, anthologies, and books.

     Coming in September/October, 2015, from 4RV Publishing, is Tracye's book Cam's Asthma.

     Tracey enjoys guest speaking about her platform literacy, meeting the public and book signings, and visiting schools with author visits. You can read more about Tracey M. Cox, her presentations, and her books at her website: