Debra Lance

      Debra Lance lives in New England and has spent most of her life writing, editing, and teaching writing and editing to children. She’s edited medical textbooks and college level science texts, ghostwritten books on healthcare, worn an “ace reporter” hat to report on local events, and taught all forms of writing to elementary students.

     She enjoys sewing elaborate Halloween costumes for her two daughters and planning and re-planning every detail of family vacations to visit her favorite mouse in Florida.

     The Nature Girls: an Amazon Adventure is her first novel.


John Lance

     John Lance lives in New England with his wife (and co-author) Debra, their two daughters, and two slightly-crazed Labrador Retrievers. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, writing, and working in his garden.

     His 4RV books include Priscilla Holmes: Ace Detective, and Priscilla Holmes and the Case of the Glass Slipper.