In Memory of the 4RV Members Who Left Us

 Kirk Bjornsgaard

Kipp Davis

Kirk Bjornsgaard
April 29, 1951 -April 29, 2009

     Kirk Bjornsgaard's experience as an acquisitions editor for the University of Oklahoma Press and Penn Well Publishing Company gave him insight into the need for well-written submissions.
        His novel Confessions of a Former Rock Queen is not only well-written but is interesting. Kirk has co-written books and contributed chapters to anthologies.
        His experience also includes stints in public relations/media relations/ marketing, writing for an advertising agency, working as a newspaper and radio reporter, and freelancing as a magazine writer.

     Kirk Bjornsgaard's novel, Confessions of a Former Rock Queen, won the Oklahoma Book Award in Fiction in 2010, nearly a year after his death. His widow and daughter accepted the award in his stead.
      Copies of the novel will be available as long as his heirs leave the contract with 4RV.
      Kirk's novel was to be the first of a trilogy, but his death left only the first novel for us to read as his legacy.
      The novel was released the last of March 2009, a few weeks before the author's death. Kirk got to hold his novel in his hands and signed a number of copies, autographing the 50 copies he determined to finish on Monday before he passed away Wednesday morning.
      The world lost a good man, and a good author when we lost Kirk Bjornsgaard.
       Kipp Davis was an avid
painter and photographer in both his work and personal life. He painted portraits of his children, grandchildren, and various scenes that adorn the walls of his and his family and friends’ homes. His art and photography have been published in various books and national magazines – both inside and on their covers. He played baseball and softball as a boy, and was a compassionate children’s baseball coach as a father.

        Kipp illustrated Josie Adam's book Girls Love Softball, which is no longer on the 4RV schedule. Josie is his widow.

Warren "Kipp" Harrison
Davis, Jr.
July 26, 1951 - March 12, 2011