4RV Publishing works one on one with accepted authors to create quality work. The staff (including published authors and experienced editors, illustrators, and designers) works together to produce professional fiction and nonfiction books for all ages. Submissions are expected to be well-written and professionally edited, with few, if any, grammatical or spelling errors. We want manuscripts that catch the attention of readers (editors) and keeps them reading to the end. Only the best are accepted.

     Books may be printed in trade paperback or hardcover or both; digital editions are being added.  The publisher accepts novels in many genres including nonfiction, mystery, romance, mainstream, western, Christian, and science-fiction, as well as children's books, middle grade and young adult novels.

      4RV Publishing uses Ingram as its distributor, paying fees each year to allow Ingram to distribute books to and through Amazon, B&N, physical book stores, libraries, and schools.

 What We Do 

1. Publish books, pay royalties

2. Accept up to 20 titles, which meet
   our standards, per year

3. Work with accepted authors one
    on one

4. Produce quality books

5. We do not require authors to  
    purchase books

What We Accept

 1.     Juvenile
 2.    Children's, including Middle Grade
 3.    Young Adult
 4.    Mystery
 5.    Suspense
 6.    Romance
 7.    Mainstream
 8.    Science Fiction
 9.    Fantasy
10.    Non-fiction
11.    Christian
12.    Action/adventure

          Most genres - except none with graphic sexual and/or violence material (violence must not be used for shock value, and language must not be overly profane or vulgar - must be appropriate to character and a sample rather than constant) and no poetry.