Marsha Musselman
     Marsha Musselman has been an intern acquisition editor with 4RV Publishing since July of 2011.

     Thirty years ago she decided
she wanted to write stories and although
she has begun several, they are waiting on the back burner until she can devote more time to them.

     Several years ago she began
writing and submitting articles to several
websites. The location where she got the most views and had the most articles published was, although all those articles had to be pulled as they revamped their site.
Two other
places she has articles is and Videojugpages is located out of England. One of their editors contacted Marsha as requested that she write five articles for a specific amount of money.

     In the fall of 2007 Marsha joined a writing community known by its members as WDC. Her writing portfolio can be found at:

     She has several blogs, one on blogspot, but the ones she currently keeps up with are located at They are and

     In 2009 she set up a web page at, which contains mainly Biblical studies and teachings.
Ginger Nielson 
       Ginger Nielson is an author/ illustrator who lives at the top of a hill, near the edge of a forest in semi rural New England.

     There is a magic wand on her desk, a dragon in her basement, and a tiny elephant in her small studio.

     When she was very young she used to create her own picture book stories and always made them come out just the way she wanted them to.

     For the past 10 years she has been illustrating children’s picture books and chapter books full time. 

     Happily, 4RV Publishing LLC published her first book as author and illustrator. Gunther the Underwater Elephant was released in 2011.  It is among many other books she has illustrated for 4RV Publishing.