Personnel: Management, Staff, Editors, Authors, and Artists

Note: Many of our personnel have free lance businesses as well working with 4RV


President/CEO:  Vivian Zabel                
Art Director:  Aidana WillowRaven 

     Assistant Designer: Jen Nipps 

Imprint Editors:

    4RV Children's Corner:
    4RV Tweens & Teens:

    4RV Young Adult:
    4RV New Adult: 
    4RV Fiction:         
    4RV Nonfiction: 
    4RV Biblical Based:                                                                   

 Art Department
(illustrations, graphic arts, cover art, design, etc.)

Department head:
  Aidana WillowRaven 
Art staff: (to be updated soon)
                                 Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki 
                                 Matthew Hughes   
                                 Jessica McClure
                                 Miranda LoPresti

  NOTE: Many members of the art staff have free lance businesses as well as doing projects for 4RV Publishing.                  

 Editorial Department:

       Editors (includes acquisition and lead editors):
            Karen Cioffi 
            Barbara Ehrentreu 
            Peggy Fieland 
            Jacque Graham
            Wayne Harris-Wyrick  
            Rena Jones
                Renee' LaViness 
            Marsha Musselman 
            Catrinka (KC) Osborne 
            Stephanie Phillips 
            Carla Ralson 

Technical Department:
           Data entry technician: 

           Technical advisers:
                   Holly Jahangiri  


           Publicity manager: