Renee' LaViness


        Renee La Viness never wanted to grow up, so she stopped at four feet, eleven inches tall. But what is a grownup, anyway? Height? Age? Wisdom? The ability to reach the gas pedal?       

        Renee’ has been writing and marketing since her early teens. She has been published in multiple magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. She enjoys her life as a writer, editor, speaker, judge, contest sponsor, and product designer. In her down time, she loves being a granny.

        An award-winning author, she attends writers’ conferences, workshops, and critique groups whenever possible. She also organizes events to connect writers, illustrators, and publishers, and offers helpful writing workshops in her home town. 

        In 2012, Renee’ founded Tulsa Area Children’s Book Writers, an open critique group she continues to sponsor.  


         Renee’ joined 4RV as an editor in 2013 and became the imprint editor for the 4RV Children’s Corner in 2015.


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