Short Story Submissions
 NOTE: for 4RV Style Manual and other publishing information see the 4RV Style Info page

We accept individual short stories but not anthologies

General Information
(read first because this is part of guidelines)

  1. NOTE: U.S. English grammar, spelling, mechanics, etc. are to be used.
  2. Authors are paid in royalties. Authors do NOT pay for publishing, editing, or art work. Short stories are published as eBooks only.
  3. We do not accept anything previously published in any format, anywhere, in any language.
  4. Any material used in a manuscript from another source MUST be cited and, if used, must have written permission from the owner of that intellectual property; and a copy of the permission must be included with the manuscript. The only exception is the use of material in the public domain.
  5. Any submission must be first thoroughly edited and written to publishing standards, including correct spelling and grammar (spell check will help with spelling to some extent, but making sure words are spelled and used correctly is part of writer's responsibility). 4RV editors will work with authors, who are offered a contract, to meet 4RV standards and to improve work, but not to do editing and proofreading that should have been finished, with revision, before submission. We want polished material submitted, not drafts.
  6.  All material must be in MS Word.
  7. Acceptance is not guaranteed. It may take 3 months before a submission can be thoroughly evaluated. IF submitter does NOT hear back before or by three (3) months, please contact us.
  1. Electronic submissions are the ONLY type accepted, and all components must be sent with email as individual attachments in MS Word, and guidelines must be followed. 
  2. Send electronic submissions with cover letter and manuscripts to and with a Cc to
  3. We do not accept any work with graphic sexual or violence details, and with limited, if any, swearing.
  4. Special note:  The company takes a 3 month option on short stories, meaning it cannot be submitted elsewhere unless rejected by 4RV during that time.

  5. IF we accept the story, when we send a contract, we will expect the author to send us a professional level photo to use for publicity (.jpg, 300 dpi), a short biography, a W-9 tax form, and a marketing plan. The contract will not be completely honored until we receive the needed information.
  6. NOTE: All authors offered a contract are required to have a website and a blog. They are expected to promote their stories.

Guidelines for Manuscripts

E-mail submissions only: Provide a short introduction in the body of your email. Include each of the following as separate attachments: 

  • Cover letter: include genre, audience age, and content level (rating), marketing/ promotion plan / platform, and number of words. Need to include legal name, name used for writing, address, phone number, and preferred email address. 2 page limit
  • Manuscript: complete short story
  • Title attachments as follows, using the title of your work: # title of manuscript - cover letter # title of manuscript -submission
  • Format your manuscript as follows:
    • Double spaced with paragraphs indented per correct manuscript format in MS Word.
    • Only one (1) space after periods. Do NOT use two (2) spaces after periods - to be used for all manuscript material submitted.
    • Font such as Times New Roman, easily read, and with correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
    • Font size 12
    • One inch margins all around.
    • Use tab to indent paragraphs.
  • Headers must contain the following information:
    • First page: Top right corner: first page only 1. Name 2. Address 3. City, State Zip 4. Email address 5. Phone number
    • Other pages: Upper right corner, include on one (1) line: author last name, title of story, page number Example: Jones Together Again 6
  • Again, ONLY electronic submissions are accepted. Anything mailed will not be returned or evaluated.

      IMPORTANT: Short stories will be published electronically only, not as print books. Royalty for authors is 25% of the amount 4RV receives from eBook distributors.

     To avoid your manuscript being rejected unread, be sure to follow the content and formatting guidelines above.